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WWE news: Mick Foley talks cancelled feud with Dean Ambrose

WWE: Mick Foley talks Dean Ambrose
WWE: Mick Foley talks Dean Ambrose

Before Dean Ambrose debuted in the WWE with The Shield, he was in NXT and the company was starting a possible feud between him and WWE Hall of Fame legend Mick Foley. According to on Feb. 14, Foley explained at a comedy event why the feud was dropped and the two never wrestled.

The reason their feud was dropped was because Mick Foley failed the Impact test that wrestlers have to pass to compete and doctors told him that he should never wrestle again. Foley went to his own doctors who backed up the diagnosis, so Foley completely retired from wrestling and the feud was dropped.

This explanation helps debunk false WWE rumors that started when the two stopped feuding.

Originally, the word was that Mick Foley cancelled the feud himself because he grew legitimately angry at Dean Ambrose for tweets the wrestler was sending that included mention of Foley's family.

The feud began when the two had a confrontation at an airport that was caught on video. They then began to take shots at each other on social media but Ambrose went over the line when he talked about Foley's family and making his kids orphans. Foley sent Ambrose text messages asking him to stop mentioning his family, but Dean kept it up.

It turns out that Ambrose was on tour in the UK and never got Foley's texts until returning home, at which time he deleted all the tweets and apologized. Foley did say that it was better that he couldn't feud with Dean Ambrose, though, because The Shield has made him a bigger WWE star than fighting Mick Foley ever could.

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