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WWE news: Mick Foley gives his opinion of Daniel Bryan turn

WWE news: Mick Foley talks Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt
WWE news: Mick Foley talks Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt

Mick Foley watched the last "WWE Monday Night Raw" and noted what he thought could be an interesting story in the Daniel Bryan angle where he joined the Wyatt Family. According to on Jan. 4, this angle is what might be best to elevate both Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt in the WWE.

Foley said that he feels that Bray Wyatt has the "It" factor that a wrestler needs to be a star in the WWE and the world of professional wrestling. However, Foley said that even people who have the magical "It-factor" need a push to get their career to the next level.

Foley said that, in WCW in 1991, he was in the right place at the right time to have a feud with Sting that really helped make his career. He said that in 1996, he had one of those feuds in the WWE that helped make his career there as well, this time with The Undertaker.

He said that both of those feuds were perfect ones to elevate both his career as well as the careers of the more established Sting and Undertaker at the time.

Mick Foley then said that he feels Daniel Bryan is already at the level to carry the WWE World Championship, but this feud with Bray Wyatt could help both men. He said that this could be what helps elevate Wyatt to the main event scene where his It factor will allow him to succeed while Bryan helping carry him there in the feud will solidify him as a main event talent as well.