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WWE news: Mick Foley forced to undergo back surgery

WWE news: Mick Foley forced to undergo back surgery
Photo from Facebook

WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Mick Foley recently announced that he had to cancel some of his comedy standup shows as well as his Santa Claus workshop because his back pain was getting so bad. It sounds like he will finally get a chance for some relief. Mick Foley posted on his Facebook page that he was preparing to have several minor surgical procedures on his back that will hopefully help him walk without pain.

Foley mentioned recently that he took his family to Disney Land for vacation and had to spend most of the time in bed. Foley said the pain was so bad that he couldn’t even get out of the bed. That is when he said that he knew it was time for him to do something about it.

Foley said that years back, a doctor told him that there was no one surgery that he could undertake that could help him because there was so much damage to his body in different areas. After the family vacation was spoiled and he had to cancel his comedy shows, Foley said he thought it was time for a second opinion. From the sound of it, the first opinion was slightly right since Foley will undergo a number of small surgeries, assumedly to different parts of his back.

Mick Foley, always the optimist, also said that his Canada fans shouldn’t be worried. He has a 17-city tour with his show starting on Sept. 17 that he said that he will not miss out on. This means that, if Foley’s surgery takes him off his feet for longer than a few days, he might end up sitting at those shows. However, if things work out as well as he hopes, Foley might be in less pain than he has been in for years.