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WWE news: Mick Foley finally happy with 'WWE Monday Night Raw'

WWE: Mick Foley finally sold on Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan
WWE: Mick Foley finally sold on Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan

No one has been more critical of the direction of the WWE in recent months than WWE Hall of Fame legend Mick Foley. However, PWS reported on March 20 that Mick Foley was happy with the WWE after this week's episode of "WWE Monday Night Raw."

Foley has been openly criticizing the WWE for the way they handled the Daniel Bryan situation over the last nine months. He even went so far as to invite TMZ over to his home so they could film his breaking his television in anger over the continued burial of Bryan.

Mick Foley knows all about this disappointment as his career seemed to parallel Bryan's when it came to the WWE pulling their legs out just when they were getting momentum.

Daniel Bryan beat John Cena last year at "Summerslam" for the WWE Championship only to lose it minutes later when Triple H turned on him and began The Authority. Bryan then continued to beat Orton, only to have Triple H reverse decisions and have other wrestlers attack him to stop him from winning.

It looked like a great recipe for Bryan to finally win, but in December the WWE moved Bryan into a midcard feud and removed him entirely from the WWE title picture. It wasn't until CM Punk walked out and the fans started hijacking the shows before the WWE finally made the decision to give Bryan what looks like a chance to get in the WWE title picture at "Wrestlemania 30."

The brutal beat down by Triple H onto Daniel Bryan at the end of "WWE Monday Night Raw" is what finally sold Mick Foley. He said that it was tough to watch, it proved that Triple H was very dangerous and that if Bryan gets past him, it will mean so much more.

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