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WWE news: Michael Sam unlikely to appear on ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’

Michael Sam unlikely to appear on ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’
Michael Sam unlikely to appear on ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The WWE promoted many times during “WWE Monday Night Raw” that they were inviting Michael Sam to come to the show next week and promised him a live microphone to say anything he wanted. The insinuations made by the announcers were that Sam was not given a fair chance in the NFL because he is openly gay. However, ESPN reported on Wednesday that Michael Sam is headed to Dallas for a physical and might end up signing with the Dallas Cowboys.

If Michael Sam signs with the Dallas Cowboys, there is little chance he will be allowed to appear on “WWE Monday Night Raw” in an official capacity since that is the first night of “Monday Night Football.” There is also the problem that, if Dallas signs him, the entire position that he wasn’t given a chance would be null and void. As a result, despite the advertising, Michael Sam likely won’t appear on “Raw” next week.

The announcement that the WWE wanted to give Michael Sam a forum was also controversial from inside the WWE. The company has its own openly gay superstar in Darren Young and has never given him the chance to speak his mind with a live microphone on television. If they won’t allow their own star to talk about his sexuality on TV, why would they bother offering the chance to an NFL star?

Michael Sam came out of the closet after his college career with the Missouri Tigers came to an end. There are thoughts that many teams avoided drafting Sam because of his decision to come out at that time, citing the distractions it would cause. There were also thoughts that the St. Louis Rams drafted Sam because he came out of the closet, considering it good publicity.

However, Michael Sam failed to beat out the competition and was waived. The announcers on “WWE Monday Night Raw” harped that Sam wasn’t given a fair chance because he was gay and the WWE offered him the chance to show up and state his case. Now, with the Dallas Cowboys offering him a spot on their taxi squad, the controversy might have died before the WWE could milk it.