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WWE news: Maria Kanellis talks about CM Punk leaving the WWE

WWE Diva talks about CM Punk leaving company
WWE Diva talks about CM Punk leaving company

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis dated CM Punk back in 2007 when they were both WWE superstars. Maria talked to on March 19 about the recent situation with CM Punk walking out on the WWE.

Maria and Punk did not separate on the best of terms, as the former WWE Diva said that he broke her heart in the split. That was still a bit obvious in this interview, where she praised Punk for what he accomplished, but finished up with a backhand comment.

According to Maria, there is really no reason for CM Punk to return to the WWE because he has accomplished everything he ever needed to. She mentioned how he worked hard to reach where he ended up at, coming from the independents and then rising to the very top of the WWE chain.

She said that he changed wrestling forever. However, then Maria threw in the zinger.

"He changed wrestling forever because he showed that some dirty, stinky wrestler from Chicago can become a famous superstar," Maria said.

While there was hopes that CM Punk could return for "Wrestlemania 30," the fact that he never showed up when "Raw" was in his hometown of Chicago to talk to officials spoke loudly of his plans. It is also said that CM Punk looked 10 years younger and more happy when he appeared on "Talking Dead" last week.

As for Maria, she said "never say never" to her eventually making a return to the WWE.

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