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WWE news: Kurt Angle angers Triple H by going over his head

WWE news: Kurt Angle angers Triple H by going over his head
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Kurt Angle has made it clear that he wants to finish his professional wrestling career in the WWE. He mentioned that his TNA Impact Wrestling contract ends in September, and most fans can expect that he won’t re-sign with the company low-balling all their wrestlers, costing them some major stars. However, his chance of returning to the WWE just took a major hit. According to PWS on Wednesday, Kurt Angle has made Triple H angry, and Triple H is in charge of talent relations in the WWE.

The reason that Kurt Angle made Triple H angry came because Triple H felt that Angle was going behind his back and over his dead. Angle called Triple H to gauge interest in his return to the WWE and Triple H made it clear there was not interest in bringing him back at this time. When Angle felt that Triple H was just blowing him off, he called Vince McMahon. After McMahon told Angle that Triple H handles all talent hires, Triple H then found out and was upset.

Angle said that his contract with TNA Impact Wrestling expires on Sept. 21 and that they have been very loyal to him, but he needs to do what is best for him. He also said that the door is always open for him to return to the WWE as long as they understand that he is just a part time wrestler now. These comments came after he upset Triple H, so Angle seems convinced that a WWE return is just about coming to an agreement on the terms.

The biggest problem with Kurt Angle returning to the WWE isn’t just about his injured knee. The problems stem from why the WWE released Angle to begin with. He was suffering through substance abuse problems, and even had a rehab visit during his tenure in TNA Impact Wrestling. Vince McMahon made it clear at the time of Angle’s release that he didn’t want a former Olympic Gold Medal winner to die from a drug overdose while under a WWE contract.