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WWE news: Kevin Steen talks about signing with the WWE

There have been a lot of questions about when Kevin Steen was going to sign with the WWE. With KENTA and Prince Devitt already signed, Kevin Steen’s status was still unknown and some rumors indicated he hadn’t taken his physical yet. However, in a interview on Wednesday, Steen said that he is signed with the WWE and starts out at NXT at the end of August.

WWE news: Kevin Steen talks about signing with the WWE
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Steen actually passed his physical back in June and has signed with the WWE. He just had to finish up his indie dates, which included a farewell tour of Ring of Honor where he was allowed to choose his opponents. In those matches, Steen faced his mentor Steve Corino, up and comers Tommasso Ciampa and Silas Young, and Ring of Honor world champion Michael Elgin.

Kevin Steen said in the interview that he went down last year to check out the WWE Performance Center and that he is excited to getting started full time. That was the same time that fellow Ring of Honor stars ACH and Roderick Strong went to try out for the WWE as well. Kevin Steen was the only Ring of Honor wrestler the WWE chose to sign at that time, although they also decided to sign Prince Devitt and KENTA at that time as well.

Kevin Steen will now start his WWE career in the same place that his long time partner El Generico, who wrestles in NXT under the name Sami Zayn. For a long time, the WWE seemed to only want to sign athletic looking stars, but with the success of Bray Wyatt, that really might have opened the door for Steen. The former ROH world champion is a great in-ring worker and really good on the mic, so he should be a huge addition to the WWE, and especially NXT where he should be an immediate star.