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WWE news: Kevin Steen and Prince Devitt ready to start WWE NXT

WWE news: Kevin Steen and Prince Devitt ready to start WWE NXT
Photo from Twitter

Kevin Steen seems to have finally started at WWE NXT and posted a photo on Twitter to show him and fellow new signee Prince Devitt in front of a Triple H poster. There are two very interesting things about the photograph that Steen posted on Friday. The first thing is that Steen is wearing a “fight” shirt, making it look like he won’t be changing much of his gimmick like El Generico did when he signed. The second is Devitt’s makeup.

For those who have never watched Prince Devitt wrestle, his most notable outward gimmick is face and body paint, which is the most impressive in professional wrestling. There have been lots of people who have used face paint, from Sting and Ultimate Warrior to the Road Warriors and Demolition, but Prince Devitt has made it an art form. Honestly, if the WWE allows Prince Devitt to continue this, he could be a huge star with the WWE fans.

As for Kevin Steen, there have been a lot of worries that the WWE wouldn’t be willing to push him because of his size. He is bigger than Bray Wyatt but can move even better than Wyatt and is an impressive wrestler in the ring despite the large frame. He is also one of the best guys on the mic to come out of Ring of Honor, so if the WWE just lets him be himself, he could really make a name for himself in NXT and maybe even in the WWE.

At the end of the day, this is just a photograph and the WWE could be working them in slowly and letting them get used to the style before working on the gimmicks. There is a great chance that they could come in as themselves but then, once they get a few weeks under their belt, the WWE will change their names and gimmicks. However, for now, this is a positive sign.