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WWE news: Kevin Nash interview discusses CM Punk walking out

Kevin Nash, WWE
Photo from Kevin Nash Twitter

CM Punk walking out on the WWE was surprising to many people, fans and fellow wrestlers included. However, in a Kevin Nash interview on Friday, the WWE legend said he wasn’t really surprised by Punk leaving. Here is a bit of what Nash talked about in his interview.

Nash was at the “Royal Rumble” pay-per-view, the final appearance in the WWE for CM Punk. It was the next night that Punk and Vince McMahon couldn’t come to an agreement and Punk left the WWE. In the Royal Rumble match itself, Punk was acting strangely. At some points, Punk just sat in the corner. He was in the match for a long time, but didn’t do a lot in the way of action.

Kevin Nash said that didn’t surprise him because he said Punk seemed irritated before the Royal Rumble match. He said that he got to know Punk a little better at the event, and things seemed to go sour during the planning stages for the match. Someone was planning out all the moments in the Rumble, and Nash said Punk just looked at him and rolled his eyes. According to Nash, the wrestlers should work out their own moves and just let the writers worry about eliminations.

Nash also pointed out the biggest reason that was rumored for the CM Punk WWE walk out. According to Nash, Punk is not a big guy and took a lot of punishment through every night that he wrestled. He said that the two of them were touring together last year in London and Punk let him know he was hurt, maybe some degeneration in his lower back.

Finally, in the Kevin Nash interview, the former WWE superstar said that Punk has no need for money. He said Punk has his own townhouse and doesn’t spend all his money on a ton of cars. Nash said CM Punk learned on the indie scene to be careful with his money and he doesn’t need the WWE for money. That made it easy for Punk to walk away, much like Stone Cold Steve Austin did many years ago.

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