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WWE news: Kane possibly spoils Brock Lesnar return for 'Elimination Chamber'

WWE: Kane spoils Brock Lesnar surprise appearance at PPV
WWE: Kane spoils Brock Lesnar surprise appearance at PPV

When it comes to Brock Lesnar's contract, there is no telling when and where he will appear because he only has to work a specific number of dates to get paid. However, reported on Feb. 21 that Kane might have spoiled Brock Lesnar's surprise appearance at this Sunday's "Elimination Chamber" pay-per-view.

Kane was on a television news show to promote the "Elimination Chamber" pay-per-view in Minneapolis when the host asked about their hometown star Brock Lesnar. That is when Kane stammered a little bit before saying that Brock is with the company and he will appear at the pay-per-view on Sunday.

That makes sense because why have a pay-per-view in one of the WWE's biggest stars hometown and not book him for the show. The question now is what Brock will have to do at the pay-per-view since the card is pretty stacked as it is.

The best bet is that, since this is the final pay-per-view before "Wrestlemania 30," Lesnar will take this opportunity to come out and make his challenge for the big show. The WWE rumors for the last year is that Brock Lesnar will battle The Undertaker on the big show. With Lesnar destroying men like Mark Henry and Big Show, there is really nowhere else to go but against the most legendary tough guy in the company.

The Undertaker is scheduled to show up at "WWE Monday Night Raw" the next night, which will also be when the WWE Network starts up, and that will probably be where he answers the challenge for "Wrestlemania 30." If Brock Lesnar makes the challenge at the "Elimination Chamber" PPV and Undertaker accepts on "Raw," the WWE can keep them apart to build the tension.