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WWE news: John Cena working through injured groin, in bad shape

WWE injury report: John Cena injures groin
WWE injury report: John Cena injures groin

When the Wyatt Family attacked John Cena on "WWE Monday Night Raw" this past Monday, the WWE sold an injury angle on Cena's knee. It turned out that the injury was part of the story, but reported on March 1 that Cena suffered a legitimate injury in the same beat down.

While the injury sold in the story was to his knee, the actual injury that Cena suffered was to his groin. At first it was thought to be a tear, but it appears that it is actually a strained groin. While that is not as bad as a tear, any male who has suffered a strained groin knows the pain that Cena must be in right now.

Despite the injury, Cena is continuing to wrestle and actually wrestled in a house show last night in South Carolina against Randy Orton. He apologized to the crowd after the match for not giving it the performance he hoped for, but with an injured groin, it has to be expected.

The WWE will need to lighten Cena's load heading into "Wrestlemania 30," though. Cena is supposed to fight Bray Wyatt at the big event in a match that the WWE hopes will turn Wyatt into a main event player in the coming year. Cena needs to be at 100 percent heading into that match to help really put Wyatt over.

There was a person who said that they saw Cena at the house show last night and he was hurting and "pretty bad off," but he gave it his all anyway. Cena also refused to pull out of the events even though the WWE wanted him to, but they will need to crack down heading into Wrestlemania.