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WWE news: John Cena talks about turning heel

Fans who have been clamoring for WWE superstar John Cena to turn heel may never get that wish. Despite having one of the most bland, boring characters on WWE television, the company has no desire to change his character and Cena said as much in a recent video. In a YouTube video posted on Sunday, John Cena was asked if he would turn heel and he said it would never happen.

WWE news: John Cena talks about turning heel
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
WWE news: John Cena talks about turning heel
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

According to John Cena, he said that he feels he could do it and has it in him for sure, but he said that he just does what the WWE tells him to do. When it comes to the WWE, John Cena is still the most popular wrestler in the company despite the numerous boos he receives every time he appears on television. Cena is also the top merchandise seller, so turning him heel could hurt the money the WWE makes off of him.

There is also the fact that John Cena has granted more “Make a Wish” appearances than anyone else in the world. Turning him heel would possible make him instantly more entertaining, but it would also hurt the work he has done with the charity because kids don’t really understand the difference between the WWE and real life.

John Cena has teased a heel turn recently in feuds with Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar, saying that it seems that is where fans want him to go. However, despite all the talk, he just turns around and acts the same way that he has for the last 10 years. While turning bad would make him more interesting, it sounds like the WWE is not interested in going down that road.