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WWE news: John Cena suffers embarrassing fail on Monday Night Raw

Former WWE heavyweight champ, John Cena, suffered an incredibly embarrassing fail on the Sept. 1 episode of Monday Night Raw, according to a Sept. 1 report from Wrestling Inc. Cena, 37, was involved in a six-man tag team match to close out the show, when things went terribly wrong.

Former WWE champ, John Cena, appeared on Monday Night Raw
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Cena, who battles Brock Lesnar in three weeks in the main event of the Night of Champions pay-per-view card, spotted a fan in the crowd holding up a sign that featured his catch phrase on it. Cena kindly asked the fan for the sign, and the person kindly obliged. What happened next was absolutely hilarious, and the WWE can't be too happy about it.

Cena walked into the center of the ring and held up the sign, thinking he was showing off his catch phrase to WWE supporters across the globe. Unfortunately for Cena, he didn't realize the sign was double-sided, and that he was holding up the wrong side for all to see. The side that Cena held up for the live audience and the millions watching at home said the completely wrong thing from the message he was trying to convey.

Cena held up the side of the sign that said "Tag Me In," a line that had nothing to do with his "You Can't See Me" catch phrase. When the WWE noticed Cena's embarrassing fail, they quickly cut off the air. Despite Cena's error, he's not expected to be fined or suspended by the promotion. It was an honest mistake and he's easily the top babyface in the WWE, so they won't come down hard on him.

However, they might tell him not to take signs from fans anymore. Cena is still slated to compete against Lesnar later this month at Night of Champions, so fans will soon forget all about this situation. Cena's mistake on Monday Night Raw shouldn't be a huge deal, but it does make him look a bit silly. Elsewhere on WWE Monday Night Raw, it was announced that Michael Sam will be making a cameo on the show next week.

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