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WWE news: John Cena says life would be better if he made a heel turn

According to a July 25 report from Wrestlezone, WWE superstar John Cena had some fun on Twitter by tweeting out that he thinks his life would be better if he was a heel. Cena, 37, is currently the WWE's most popular babyface character, but fans have been clamoring for years to see him make a heel turn. At present time, there is no actual plan in place to turn Cena heel. Additionally, he was probably just joking around and didn't mean to be taken seriously with his tweet.

WWE star John Cena is thinking about making a heel turn
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

What should fans take away from Cena's cryptic tweet? Nothing much. WWE Universe shouldn't get too carried away with it, because Cena seemed to be trolling for a reaction. It's not up to him when or if he makes a heel turn. The WWE's creative team will script that on their own. The explanation is that Twitter was trending with the hashtag #lifewouldbebetterif, so Cena simply was having a little fun with it.

There is no plan in place to turn Cena heel, although things could change in a hurry in the WWE. With Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett legitimately injured, the WWE needs to do something drastic to liven up the script. Having Cena make a heel turn might be just the trick to hold fans' excitement while Bryan and Barrett recover from their injuries.

If Cena does make a heel turn, it likely won't be until the end of this year. Cena is already booked to battle Brock Lesnar next month at SummerSlam, so he won't turn heel before that match. Lesnar is the WWE's top heel, while Cena is its most popular babyface. With that said, the WWE isn't going to pit a villainous Cena against Lesnar. They want to cater to the good guy vs. bad guy angle, which means keeping Cena a babyface for the time being.

Cena, the current WWE Heavyweight Champion, is obviously one of the most polarizing characters in WWE history, so having him turn heel might not be such a bad move. He already receives plenty of boos from the crowd, especially heading into SummerSlam. Turning him heel would only bring more heat on him, but its something he's clearly thinking about. Cena is actually playing a heel in an upcoming movie role, so the WWE brass will likely be watching to see how that situation pans out. Cena takes on Lesnar on Aug. 17 at SummerSlam in Los Angeles.

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