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WWE news: John Cena's major update to his injury suffered on 'Raw'

The WWE moved the John Cena feud with The Wyatt Family forward on "WWE Monday Night Raw" last night as Cena called out the Family for revenge. It ended with a Cena injury, but reported on Feb. 25 that the injury was not a legitimate one.

WWE John Cena injury
WWE John Cena injury
WWE John Cena injury update

If this is true then it was possibly the best selling of an injury in the WWE in a long time. With so many real injuries taking place over the last year, including Cena's nasty elbow injury last year, this one looked to be pretty legitimate.

What happened was that Cena called out The Wyatt Family and then challenged them to come attack him. They surrounded the ring and then attacked him. Things ended quite quickly though when Cena went down wrong and then came up limping.

The Wyatt Family then backed off the attack, which immediately made it look like a real injury and they acted like they were unsure of what to do so as not to hurt Cena any worse. They came back in and delivered some more kicks and then backed off again. Bray Wyatt hit him one more time and then they left him lying.

Cena was stretchered off after the match.

On the WWE Network after "WWE Monday Night Raw," a doctor said that Cena told him that he heard a pop in his knee and they sent him to the hospital for examination.

Well, it sounds like the John Cena injury angle was actually written into the script, and while Cena did go down on his knee wrong, the injury is likely not as bad as expected. The stretcher was even set up at the entrance before the angle started to sell the injury.

There is even thought that the "medical updates" was just used to get people to tune in to the "Backstage Pass" show on the WWE Network.