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WWE news: John Cena open to heel turn

According to an Aug. 25 report from Cageside Seats, 15-time WWE champion, John Cena, says he's open to making a heel turn, mostly because he's a company man who does whatever the promotion tells him to do. In a YouTube interview with powerlifting superstar Mark Bell, Cena admits he would make a heel turn if the WWE scripted him to do so. Cena explained that he wouldn't fight the WWE's decision to script him as a heel.

WWE star John Cena says he's open to making a heel turn
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

At the end of the day, it is the decision of the WWE's creative team whether or not Cena remains a babyface. If Cena ever does turn heel, it would be huge news in the pro wrestling world. After all, Cena has gone over a decade as a babyface character. Not only does Cena play a babyface on television, he serves as the WWE's top babyface at most of their house shows. Here's the thing: History dictates that heel turns can extend the life of a wrestler's career.

Hulk Hogan's famous heel turn added at least five years to his career, and Cena might be reaching that point where a turn would be for the best. After all, he's already a polarizing figure who gets booed by most of the crowd at any given WWE house show. Hardcore wrestling fans don't like Cena's family-friendly image. He's seen as a character who only gets over in a big way with children.

At age 37, Cena might not have much gas left in the tank. Since he's well past his wrestling prime, the time might be now to script him for an epic heel turn. If the WWE chooses to do so, they could probably extend his career well into his 40s. Let's face it: Cena's babyface gimmick has gotten old and stale.

It's time for a major change, and a heel turn would do just the trick. After a decade as the WWE's top babyface, Roman Reigns appears poised to take the mantle as the next superstar scripted for that role. Once Reigns fully gets over as the promotion's top babyface, that may be when Cena makes a heel turn. How would the WWE do it? That's anyone's guess, but the options are endless.

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