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WWE news: John Cena defeats Cesaro at Monday Night Raw in Houston

According to a July 28 report from, the results are in from WWE Monday Night Raw in Houston. In the opening segment, Brock Lesnar's manager, Paul Heyman, confronted WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena with a heated verbal exchange. Heyman and Cena went toe to toe in front of a sold out crowd in Houston, exchanging back and forth verbal jabs to hype up the champ's upcoming battle with Lesnar.

WWE star John Cena defeated Cesaro on Monday Night Raw
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Since Cena wrestles Lesnar three weeks from now at the SummerSlam pay-per-view spectacular in Los Angeles, the WWE is using Monday Night Raw and Smackdown tapings to hype the feud. Unfortunately for WWE Universe, Lesnar was not on hand in Houston. Lesnar got the week off to rest up in anticipation of SummerSlam. However, Heyman helped sell the upcoming bout between Cena and Lesnar by doing ome great promo work, and he was fantastic on the mic. He essentially told Cena that he's going to get a massive beating at SummerSlam.

Before Cena could respond, Cesaro came out from behind the curtain and gave Heyman a big hug. Cesaro then collided with Cena in the ring, in a match that went on for over 10 minutes. Cesaro did his patented swing, but Cena ended up getting the best of the clash. Cena won via pinfall, but Cesaro got some air time and even a nice segment on the mic. The next portion of WWE Monday Night Raw featured Randy Orton and Triple H, who were discussing the SummerSlam main event.

Triple H said Orton won't get a title shot until he takes out Roman Reigns, and the former was visibly upset with those comments. Orton originally was supposed to take on Cena at SummerSlam, so he's annoyed that he's not getting that opportunity. Orton says he'll take down Reigns, but that he's also not happy with Triple H. Time will tell if this means that Orton is about to turn to a babyface character, or if he'll remain a heel. Later on WWE Monday Night Raw, Paige continued in her heel role by tweaking the crowd on the mic.

Paige apologized for attacking AJ Lee on last week's episode of Monday Night Raw, and she said she'll never act that way again. Seconds later, Lee emerged from backstage and did some work of her own on the mic. With Paige and Lee feuding, the WWE finally has a legitimate battle in the divas division. Lee and Paige are both extremely talented on the mic and inside the ring, so this feud could continue for several months ahead. Paige is expected to battle Lee at SummerSlam.

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