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WWE news: Jim Ross talks about getting fired, in talks with UFC

Jim Ross and Barry Switzer
Jim Ross Twitter Account

Jim Ross did an interview on “The Opie & Anthony Show” on SiriusXM on Monday and the questioning went to his termination from the WWE. Ross was unsurprisingly candid about the situation and didn’t dodge the questions. In the interview, he mentioned the accusations of him being drunk as well as his reaction to Ric Flair returning to the WWE.

Of course, the incident happened last August at the SummerSlam Axxess panel where Jim Ross was the host. A number of past and present stars were involved, including “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. When the questions from the panel went to Flair, he went off on tangents, both about the recent death of his son as well as a number of references to TNA Impact Wrestling.

Flair was removed from the stage mid-panel and his pending contract with the WWE was rescinded. Ross, who was expected to keep the conversation under control, was called into the WWE offices and his contract was terminated. The WWE claimed that Ross was leaving on his own terms, but Ross made it clear in the interview that he was fired for the incident.

Ross said that a lot of people claimed he was drunk, but he once again refuted those claims as irresponsible. Ross admitted to having a cocktail in the green room, but that was all, while Flair had been drinking all day. He said that the reason he was slurring some and his face was drooping was due to his Bell’s Palsy. As Ross said, when he gets tired those are symptoms and sometimes his own wife can’t understand him after a long day.

As for Flair, Ross said that bringing him there was a bad idea from the start. Reid Flair had died from a drug overdose and Flair was one of the first to find him. Ross said he understood that some people thought it would be good to bring him around friends, but what he really needed was counseling. He did say that Flair returning to the WWE now is a good thing if it helps him move on in his life.

As for Ross, he seems happy being disconnected from the WWE. Ross has a very popular podcast that he is running and is involved in some UFC rumors, as he has had talks with Dana White to do something for them. As far as it sounds, his professional wrestling career has ended.

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