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WWE news: Jim Ross says that the UFC is competition to the WWE

Jim Ross did a recent interview with WWE Hall of Fame superstar Jim Ross and they talked about a number of items including the UFC. In the interview with Submission Radio on Sunday, Jim Ross was asked if he thought the WWE and UFC were competition with each other. Ross actually supported the idea, saying that the two companies are both vying for a similar audience.

WWE news: Jim Ross says that the UFC is competition to the WWE

This is a completely opposite opinion than the WWE has often stated. Both Triple H and Vince McMahon have stated on occasion that they don’t see the UFC as competition, just as they don’t consider TNA Impact Wrestling as competition. The idea is that the WWE is not a legitimate fight company and that they also are not a professional wrestling organization. The WWE has always stated their competition is more of entertainment forms like the movie industry.

Ross agrees that the WWE and UFC are two completely different genres of entertainment. However, he said that both the UFC, with their pay-per-view models, and the WWE, with their WWE Network and limited pay-per-views, are competing for fan’s disposable income. Ross said that people have to decide what they will spend their money on, and if they want to watch the UFC, they might not be able to spend the money on the WWE.

Jim Ross said that, for a lot of younger fans, it may not be as much competition between the UFC and WWE, but for old school professional wrestling fans, there is a displacement and a decision to move to the UFC. In that situation, whether the WWE wants to admit it or not, the competition between the UFC and WWE is strong.