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WWE news: Jim Ross officially parts ways with WWE

Jim Ross officially parts ways with WWE
Jim Ross officially parts ways with WWE
Photo from WWE on Twitter

In 2013, Jim Ross was sent home and practically released from the WWE after an embarrassing moment at the “Summerslam” Axxess panel. However, Ross remained under contract with the WWE and couldn’t actually go to work for anyone else. That has now ended as Jim Ross sent out a tweet on Tuesday that said that today is his final day under contract with the WWE.

Jim Ross had been with the WWE for 21 years, joining the company way back in 1993 with his first event at “Wrestlemania IX” from Las Vegas. Since that time, Ross worked as an announcer, known as the Voice of the WWE for many years. He picked up a WWE Hall of Fame induction for his work there, but also served behind the scenes as the head of talent relations.

Over his years with the WWE, Jim Ross signed superstars like Brock Lesnar, Jack Swagger, Edge, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Batista and more. He had a huge hand in helping to fill in the WWE Attitude Era with fresh talent and played large role into building a roster that helped put WCW out of business.

Ross, of course, started out in the territories. After a career calling high school football games in his home state of Oklahoma, he was signed to work for Bill Watts in Mid South Wrestling, the territory that developed stars like Ted DiBiase, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Junkyard Dog and many more. Mid South worked out of the Oklahoma and Louisiana areas, so Ross was close to home until they went national when they changed their named to the UWF.

Soon, the NWA and Crockett Promotions bought out the UWF and the two companies merged. Jim Ross came over the Crockett as an announcer and was soon was one of the major announcers alongside Tony Schiavone in what became WCW. He worked there until making his way to the WWE.

Since leaving the WWE, Jim Ross has stayed busy. Ross started a very successful podcast, has travelled the world with his one-man show and also has an autobiography coming out.

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