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WWE news: Jim Ross blogs on CM Punk hurting his legacy and WWE's stock dropping

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Jim Ross, former-WWE announcer, regularly updates his blog on and takes on many topics surrounding World Wrestling Entertainment. In his latest blog entry, Ross attacks the subject of CM Punk affecting his legacy due to quitting and the implications of WWE's stock dropping severely last week.

On CM Punk quitting affected his legacy:

"I was asked today by the Chicago Tribune if @CMPunk deserved to be in the top 25 of the all time great wrestlers. I said that all these "All Time Top" whatever lists are overly subjective but my list would be the talents who I would want in my company if I owned a wrestling organization. By the way, that will never, EVER, happen. Nonetheless, I'd absolutely want Punk on my team so therefore under my criteria he's a top 25 guy. He's too versatile, too skilled, an excellent hero or villain, can talk, has a great work ethic and is one of the smarter minds I've been around.

I was also asked if CM Punk abruptly leaving WWE would adversely affect his legacy. My answer, a simple 'Hell, no.'"

On WWE's stock dropping:

"Seems like many members of the IWC have become stock analysts. Where were you when I was evaluating my portfolio? I am NOT a stock analyst but I do honestly feel that WWE stock will eventually, and that's sooner than later, be a solid, long term investment for those who partake in the market."

Ross is well-educated in the WWE world after working in it for so long. Trust his word as it shouldn't be taken with a grain of salt. Punk's legacy shouldn't be tarnished, just like Stone Cold Steve Austin's is not either.

Both men put their lives on the line to remain in WWE. Punk isn't done with the company; neither was/is Austin.

As for the stock drop, it was probably just a fluke. The investors saw the TV deal not creating enough revenue, so they got scared. It occurs with stocks on a daily basis. It will go back up with certainty from the investors to put money back in again. The procedure may take time, but it will go up nonetheless.

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