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WWE news: Jim Ross admits that 'Summerslam' incident led to his release

WWE: Jim Ross talks about leaving the WWE
WWE: Jim Ross talks about leaving the WWE

When "Nature Boy" Ric Flair returned to the WWE for the old school "WWE Monday Night Raw" episode, it reminded people of why Flair left the WWE to begin with after an incident last August. According to PWS on Jan. 22, Jim Ross did a recent interview and finally admitted that it was also the reason he was let go.

The entire situation happened at the WWE Summerslam event that was promoting the WWE 2K14 video game. According to Ross, the problems occurred because of the state of mind of Ric Flair at the time.

Flair's son Reid had just died of a drug overdose, and Ross admits that bringing in Flair for the event was not the timeliest of decisions. He admits that getting Flair around friends might have been good, but because of the trauma he faced in his life, things just seemed to spiral out of control.

Jim Ross hosted a panel of legends that included Flair. During the panel, Flair kind of went off on tangents, talking about TNA Impact Wrestling and his son's suicide. It was classic Ric Flair storytelling and 2K Sports was very happy with the event. However, the WWE was embarrassed because of Flair's actions and cut ties with Flair and let Jim Ross go.

Jim Ross said that it had a major influence on their decision to cut him because he was supposed to keep the discussion on the tracks and that didn't happen. However, Ross said it came at a good time because he was able to move on to the next stage of his life, working on his own podcast and performing one-man shows across the world.