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WWE news: Jim Cornette taks about creating the character of Kane

WWE: Jim Cornette talks about creating Kane
WWE: Jim Cornette talks about creating Kane

Former WWE legendary manager Jim Cornette was one of the backstage decision makers in the WWE during the '90s. According to Wrestle View on Feb. 26, Cornette did a recent interview and talked about how he was responsible for creating the character of Kane.

Glen Jacobs was wrestling in Puerto Rico when Dutch Mantell (Zeb Colter) called Cornette and said that he thought that Jacobs could be a great wrestler in the United States. Cornette called him up and booked him in Smoky Mountain Wrestling as Unabomb. While there, he wrestled the Undertaker when he made a special appearance in the company.

Undertaker felt that Jacobs had what it took, so he convinced Vince McMahon to hire him. Unfortunately for Jacobs, his first gimmick was as Jerry Lawler's evil dentist Isaac Yankem and then he played the role of the Fake Diesel when Kevin Nash left the WWE. Cornette said that McMahon was ready to release him when he came up with an idea.

Cornette said that the WWE thought Undertaker could have an evil brother, so Cornette gave Jacobs the gimmick and ran with it. He said that his inspiration was Michael Myers from the movie "Halloween," just a creature that is pure evil. Then Kane attacked Undertaker in 1997 and the rest is history.

He did add that Vince Russo wanted Kane to chokeslam Undertaker through a table on "WWE Monday Night Raw" immediately after that, but Jim Cornette said they should wait six months to let the tension build and it was one of the only times he got his way.