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WWE news: Jim Cornette calls CM Punk walking out the 'greatest thing'

WWE: Jim Cornette talks CM Punk
WWE: Jim Cornette talks CM Punk

Former legendary WWE manager Jim Cornette was talking about his career and the current state of professional wrestling when talk went to the recent news of CM Punk walking out on the WWE. According to on Feb. 5, Cornette said he identified with Punk and called it the "greatest thing I’ve ever heard."

While his place in the WWE, the return of Batista and the dissatisfaction with facing Triple H at "Wrestlemania 30" has been harped on when it comes to CM Punk walking out, the biggest reasons given was injuries and burn out.

Cornette emphasized that CM Punk has been wrestling for 10 years in the WWE and rarely took any time off from the company. He said Punk has a lot of injuries and his body is beaten up. Cornette also pointed out that CM Punk doesn't live the high life and has a lot of money, so there is no reason to continue beating his body up if he doesn't need to.

When it comes to walking away and retiring early, Cornette said that if he had ever made a million dollars in one year, he would have walked away and no one would have ever seen him again. He said that is the position CM Punk is in right now, and if he is not happy and burnt out, he has every right to go home.

"Good for you," Cornette said towards Punk. "Go home and don’t come back until you want to. I love that."

Vince McMahon is currently trying to convince CM Punk to return to the WWE, but Punk has the ball in his court now and there is a chance he won't be back before "Wrestlemania 30," or even longer if he lets his contract expire.

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