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WWE news: Jeff Hardy says he wants to finish career in WWE

Jeff Hardy is in a strange place in his career right now. The former WWE superstar is wrestling for TNA Impact Wrestling and is watching as his company tries to secure a new contract with Spike TV or else face getting cancelled. Along the way, Hardy is considering his options for the future. According to Wrestle View on Wednesday, Hardy said in a recent interview that he would like to finish his wrestling career in the WWE.

WWE news: Jeff Hardy says he wants to finish career in WWE
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The one thing to take out of this is that Hardy is not talking about heading back to the WWE right now. Hardy said that he misses the WWE Universe, saying that it is the fans that he wants to go back for. He said that he will go back one day, but he feels like his career has another 10 to 15 years before he will be ready to wind things down and retire. That might be overshooting his career since Hardy is 36 years old right now.

As for TNA Impact Wrestling and the fear of cancellation, Hardy had nothing to add to that. He simply said that the TNA talent have all been told that negotiations with Spike TV are underway. He also said that he refuses to follow social media and doesn’t care about the rumors. He said, as far as he knows, they will still be on Spike TV a year from now. This might be true as TNA Impact Wrestling just fired writer Vince Russo, one of the things standing between them and Spike TV.

While Jeff Hardy wants to finish his career with the WWE, he said that he owes his life to TNA Impact Wrestling. In 2011, Hardy made headlines when he showed up to fight Sting highly intoxicated and almost lost everything in his career. He said that TNA Impact Wrestling not only stuck by him but helped him rebound and turn his life around. He said that TNA saved his life thanks to their assistance.