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WWE news: Jason ‘Tensai’ Albert retires from in-ring action

Jason Albert, who wrestled in the WWE under the names of Prince Albert and Tensai, has retired from active in-ring competition. According to Wrestling Inc. on Saturday, Albert said that he is living his dream now that he is retired. Albert still works for the WWE in the WWE Performance Center, teaching and coaching.

WWE news: Jason ‘Tensai’ Albert retires from in ring action
JBZA2003 / Wikimedia Commons

Albert, whose real name is Matt Bloom, began wrestling in the WWE in 1999 after training with Dory Funk Jr. He started out in the now defunct Power Pro developmental territory and feuded with Jerry “The King” Lawler during that time. Finally, in 1999 he debuted in the WWE under the name Prince Albert.

Albert’s first WWE gimmick was as a tattoo artist for Darren “Droz” Drozdov and ran in to save him from a beat down. He formed a tag team with Droz until the fateful day that Drozdov was paralyzed in a match with D-Lo Brown after a powerbomb mishap.

After this, Albert moved into another tag team angle as the partner of Test when Trish Stratus made her WWE debut as a heel manager. The group was known as T&A, a play on the names Test and Albert as well as Stratus’ gimmick in the Attitude Era. When that group ended, Albert moved on to another faction, this one with X-Pac and Justin Credible called X-Factor, a slight spin-off of the Degeneration X group.

It was at this time that Albert won his only WWE singles title when he beat Kane for the Intercontinental title. He lost it less than one month later to Lance Storm. After that, Albert teamed with Scotty 2 Hotty as the “Hip Hop Hippo,” a gimmick that he would revisit over a decade later.

He moved on to become a Paul Heyman guy and was renamed A-Train and helped out The Big Show. In 2004, he tore a rotator cuff and the WWE finally released him. Albert then went to Japan, changed his name to Giant Bernard, and enjoyed his greatest success. He held the IWGP tag titles twice and the G1 tag titles twice. He also won the New Japan Cup in 2006.

When Albert went back to the WWE in 2012, he was wrestling under a new Japanese gimmick and renamed himself Tensai. It was here that he started showing a more sadistic mentality in the ring, but the WWE fans never really bought into it and eventually fell in the standings again. At the end of his career, he went back to the hip hop gimmick when he formed Tons of Funk with Brodus Clay.

Since that time, he has worked as an announced down at WWE NXT and now sets out on his new career as a trainer. Now that he is retired, Albert seems ready to do what he enjoys and that is passing on his knowledge to the next generation of professional wrestlers.

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