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WWE news: Japanese star KENTA signs with WWE NXT

The WWE rarely makes a big deal out of signing veteran wrestlers, considering most rival promotion’s stars inferior. However, when it came to Japanese star KENTA, the WWE made an exception. According to the WWE on Saturday, they officially had a public contract signing with KENTA during their tour of Japan.

WWE: Japanese star KENTA signs with WWE NXT
Photo from WWE Twitter

The WWE announced that they signed “Japanese star” KENTA and made it clear that they were signing him to the NXT brand. This, of course, means that the WWE will be working to train KENTA to their brand of wrestling in order to make his arrival as smooth as possible. There are many WWE rumors that KENTA will arrive on the WWE main roster sooner rather than later.

The KENTA WWE contract signing took place in Osaka, Japan and Hulk Hogan made the trip to Japan to announce the contract signing himself. At the announcement, Hogan talked about wrestling Antonio Inoki, Stan Hanson and Great Muta in Osaka. Hogan, who was joined in the ring by “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, talked about the future of the WWE and that KENTA was part of the future of the WWE.

KENTA than came to the ring, sat at the table, looked at the contract, took a deep breath before smiling to the audience and signing the WWE contract. In a press release, KENTA said he was humbled to join the WWE and Triple H said the signing was part of creating a roster with a global fan base. The WWE has been chasing after KENTA for awhile and this is the results of their pursuit.

KENTA, 33, started his career in All Japan and has also wrestled in NOAH as well as appearances in Ring of Honor. He held the GHC Heavyweight title once and the GHC Junior Heavyweight title three times. His finishing move is one that many WWE fans will recognize as he uses the Go to Sleep, same as CM Punk. KENTA will head to American and start out his career in the WWE in Florida wrestling for NXT.

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