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WWE news: Jake 'The Snake' Roberts talks about return to 'Monday Night Raw'

WWE news: Jake 'The Snake' Roberts talks
WWE news: Jake 'The Snake' Roberts talks

Jake "The Snake" Roberts is a professional wrestling legend and icon. The man was a dominant force in the territory days in Georgia and Bill Watt's Mid South Wrestling and he was one of the greatest stars in the WWE before the Attitude Era. Roberts spoke to on Jan. 12 about his return to the WWE on "WWE Monday Night Raw" last week and what it meant to him.

Roberts was a man who was lost, an alcoholic and drug addict who was killing himself slowly every day of his life. That is when an old friend called him, and Diamond Dallas Page offered him an alternative to rehab. Page offered him a place to live dubbed the "Accountability Crib" and the promise to teach Roberts DDP Yoga to help him bring something positive into his life to replace the negativity of drugs and alcohol.

Roberts said his dream was to return to the WWE to finish his career on his own terms, but he knew that was not in his hands, no matter how successful he was at cleaning his life up. Luckily, the WWE took notice and invited Roberts back for the old school "WWE Monday Night Raw" last week.

Roberts was not advertised and never showed up until the very end of the show. He said that the WWE wanted to completely surprise the fans and not let the Internet catch wind of his return. They flew him into Washington and had him drive to Baltimore. When he arrived, they smuggled him in and hid him out on a bus so no one would know he was there.

Then, at the end of the match with The Shield fighting The Usos and CM Punk, Roberts' music hit and he came out with Damien, the snake. It was a huge moment and one that was very special to him.

"When I walked out, it was like I was deaf. I was in a zone, free of all the pain, disappointment, fears – all of that was gone," Roberts said. "I was in a state of euphoria. After the long walk down the ramp to the ring, The Snake took over as it always did. I never had think about what I was doing out there."

For Jake "The Snake" Roberts, one thing he brought out of this event was the attitude of CM Punk. Roberts said that he was someone who never appreciated anything and flushed his whole career down the toilet. He felt he was lucky to be there. However, when he went into the ring, CM Punk kneeled down and slid out of the picture so that Roberts could have this moment with the fans with no distractions. He said that he has more respect for CM Punk than he ever had before this

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