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WWE news: Jake 'The Snake' Roberts cancer surgery update

WWE Jake Roberts cancer update
WWE Jake Roberts cancer update

Jake "The Snake" Roberts underwent surgery this week to remove a cancerous tumor from his leg. According to PWS on Feb. 27, Jake is still worried after the process because his doctors don't know what kind of cancer it was.

The operation lasted over five hours and doctors feel they caught the cancer in its early stages and removed it from behind his knee. The problem that worries Jake is that they don't know what kind of cancer it was and they found two more growths on his other leg. He will need those removed as well, but luckily those are smaller than the one he had removed this week.

Jake cleaned up his life over the last year after two decades of heavy drug and alcohol abuse. Thanks to Diamond Dallas Page, a retired professional wrestler who Jake helped get his start in the business. Page repaid Jake by helping The Snake get his life back after the drugs cost him his family and career.

Jake used Page's DDP Yoga workout program and also moved into Page's Atlanta home where he lived with friends of Page who helped keep Jake accountable for his actions. Jake has now been drug free for over a year, and outside of a one-time relapse, has also remained alcohol free.

After cleaning up his life and proving he was serious this time, the WWE allowed him to make an appearance at the old school "WWE Monday Night Raw" event and then announced his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.