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WWE news: Hulk Hogan wants match against John Cena

According to an Aug. 6 post from Bleacher Report, Hulk Hogan is planning to compete in one final wrestling match, and his targeted opponent is WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena. Hogan, who turns 61 next week, says he has been training like crazy to get back into wrestling shape, and that his back feels great. Hogan, a former WWE champion and one of the most popular wrestlers of all-time, explained that it's not even a question of if he'll return to the ring, but a question of when.

Hulk Hogan wants to have a WWE match against John Cena
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Hogan clearly still has the passion and desire to engage in competition. Unfortunately, that's just one part of the equation. Wrestling is a young man's game, and Hogan hasn't been in his athletic prime since the 1990s. While Hogan vs. Cena is a dream match on paper, the real thing might be a bit sloppy. Hogan battling Cena inside the WWE ring might be better left to fantasy, since there's no way the real-life match would live up to expectations.

Realistically, the only way the WWE could pull off a Hogan comeback would be to script him for a cameo in next year's Royal Rumble. That way, he could make a quick appearance, and get knocked over the top rope within seconds. If The Great Khali could handle the rigors of Royal Rumble, Hogan surely can too. But a match against Cena? That's asking too much of the 60-year-old.

Any thought of Hogan taking on Cena should be immediately squashed, as the ship has sailed. If the match was going to happen, it should have happened 10 years ago when Cena was still in his 20s. If Hogan was to have one last match, it would have to be against someone who could do the heavy lifting to carry the bout. Cena isn't that type of character.

Cena, 37, doesn't have the technical prowess of a Seth Rollins or Daniel Bryan, so a bout with Hogan would get ugly in a hurry. Hogan should forget about making a comeback to pro wrestling. He should focus on what he has been doing for the past six months, performing promo work on the mic to help the WWE sell WWE Network subscriptions.

Hogan and Cena are both expected to appear on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. However, it's unlikely that they will confront each other. Also, they aren't expected to be featured in the same segment. The WWE will be trotting out Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to wish Hogan a happy birthday. As for Cena, he's expected to appear to confront Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

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