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WWE news: Hulk Hogan upset Brock Lesnar mocked his age on Monday Night Raw

According to an Aug. 20 report from, WWE legend Hulk Hogan was fuming after Brock Lesnar ridiculed him for his advanced age during a recent episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. Lesnar, the current WWE Heavyweight Champion, was scripted to interrupt Hogan's birthday celebration that aired in a segment towards the end of the WWE Monday Night Raw episode a week prior to SummerSlam.

WWE legend Hulk Hogan is upset Brock Lesnar mocked his age
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Hogan turned 61 years old this month, and the WWE celebrated by inviting Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Ric Flair and others to honor him during a recent episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. In the middle of the celebration, the WWE scripted Lesnar to disrupt the fun by breaking the party up. The purpose was to generate some heat for Lesnar, who had been receiving babyface reactions from the crowd up to that point.

Lesnar's interruption of Hogan's worked like a charm in getting WWE Universe to boo him. However, it also worked in getting Hogan to be legitimately upset with Lesnar. During the segment, Lesnar wasn't scripted to say anything. He was simply supposed to walk out to the ring and go nose-to-nose with Roddy Piper and then give Diesel a quick staredown. Lesnar did just that, shooting some excellent mean-mugging in Diesel's direction.

But what got Hogan upset is the fact that Lesnar didn't stop while he was ahead. Lesnar, 37, closed out the segment by getting up in Hogan's face, before firing off an unscripted zinger. Lesnar got up in Hogan's grill, before saying "party's over, grandpa." Hogan knew the WWE had scripted Lesnar to break up his birthday party, and he was cool with that.

However, he wasn't down with Lesnar insulting him. Hogan knew that Lesnar wasn't scripted to say anything during the segment, so he was fighting mad afterwards. He didn't confront Lesnar on the air, because he knew the WWE wouldn't be happy with an unscripted confrontation to go down inside the ring. Will Lesnar and Hogan ever get to settle their real-life feud inside the ring? Highly unlikely.

Hogan is one of the most beloved WWE superstars of all-time, but he is no longer able to compete inside the ring. At age 61, Hogan still does superb commentary work and in-ring promos. He's no longer a talent as far as active wrestling competition goes. However, it still makes for a fun storyline that the greatest babyface character of all-time is feuding with the promotion's top current heel.

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