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WWE news: Hulk Hogan talks about Ultimate Warriors WWE Hall of Fame induction

WWE news: Hulk Hogan talks Ultimate Warrior
WWE news: Hulk Hogan talks Ultimate Warrior

At one time, the WWE was supposed to transition from Hulk Hogan to The Ultimate Warrior. It was a huge moment, as it was the first time Hogan really defended his title against another face and lost cleanly to lose the title. In recent years, Hogan and Warrior have fallen out, but according to TMZ on Jan. 15, Hogan no longer has any animosity.

Hogan and Warrior seemed tight at one time, as Hogan put over Warrior at "Wrestlemania" and then Warrior re-joined Hogan years later in WCW for another chapter to their feud. However, sometime after that the two had a major falling out.

In 2011, Hulk Hogan did a number of interviews and when the subject came to The Ultimate Warrior, Hogan called him out a number of times, referring to him as a loser. In response, Warrior released a 55-minute video on YouTube called "Karma Collects" and accused Hulk Hogan of a number of things.

Among the accusations, Warrior said Hogan used cocaine and marijuana and also hooked other wrestlers on drugs in order to hold them back. He also said Hogan and Linda had an open marriage and he offered her "services" to other wrestlers.

With Ultimate Warrior back in the good graces of the WWE, and the first inductee into the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame, and Hogan about to re-sign as well, it sounds like the two may be better off burying the hatchet.