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WWE news: Hulk Hogan's return date to the WWE scheduled

Hulk Hogan has been working on a deal with the WWE since leaving TNA Impact Wrestling and he finally reached an agreement with the company in January. reported on Feb. 10 that Hulk Hogan will finally make his return to the WWE on "WWE Monday Night Raw" on the day the WWE Network launches.

WWE Hulk Hogan return date
WWE Hulk Hogan return date
Photo by Christopher Gregory/Getty Images
WWE Hulk Hogan return date announced

It sounds like the WWE is pulling out all the big guns for this big show as The Undertaker is also supposed to make his return to the company that night as well. It will not only be the first day of the WWE Network launch but also is the first "Raw" leading to "Wrestlemania 30."

Interestingly, the WWE has also booked legendary manager "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart to appear on that episode of "WWE Monday Night Raw" as well. Whether he appears with Hulk Hogan or is there on his own to help promote the "WWE Legend's House" series is unknown.

Jimmy Hart returning to the WWE in some capacity might open up the option in the future of a WWE Hall of Fame induction for the Hart Foundation, which could finally see Owen Hart inducted into the Hall without worrying about the interference of his widow Martha Hart.

What role Hulk Hogan will play should come into play on that "WWE Monday Night Raw" episode and the idea is still that the "Wrestlemania I" main event being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is the most realistic idea, with Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan both involved..

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