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WWE news: Hulk Hogan return finalized, top 3 ways he could return

WWE finalizes plans for Hulk Hogan return
WWE finalizes plans for Hulk Hogan return

Hulk Hogan left TNA Impact Wrestling late last year and started negotiating with the WWE. While the process has been slow going, it sounds like Hogan's WWE return is set and PWS reported on Jan. 21 that the plans for his return have been finalized.

With Hogan's return scheduled, here are the top three ways the WWE could bring him back into the fold.

WWE Hall of Fame

The biggest WWE rumors surrounding the WWE Hall of Fame this year is that the WWE will induct their first professional wrestling match. The idea is to induct the match from the very first Wrestlemania where Hulk Hogan teamed with Mr. T to battle Rowdy Roddy Piper and Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. All four men would be invited to take part in the induction.

Another thought is that Hulk Hogan could induct The Ultimate Warrior, although the two have had a rocky relationship over the past few years.

Wrestlemania match with Rowdy Roddy Piper

With the WWE using this year's WWE Hall of Fame as a sort of "30 Years of Wrestlemania" moment, there is also the talk that Hulk Hogan could battle Piper in a match at this year's Wrestlemania event. However, there are thoughts that Hogan would not pass a physical. Piper has been pushing this idea, and even thought that he could team with a top villain to battle Hogan and John Cena.

Of course, the easy way out of this could be a Wrestlemania Piper's Pit episode with Hogan.

Wrestlemania moment to help push another wrestler

The third, and most likely idea, is that Hulk Hogan could either second John Cena to the ring and be in his corner as Cena battles someone with Roddy Piper in their corner. The WWE could bring back Hogan around the launch of the WWE Network and start hyping the first ever Wrestlemania main event to get more people interested in looking back at the history.

Whatever they decide, Hulk Hogan will be back very soon now that the WWE plans for his return have been finalized.

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