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WWE news: Former WWE stars debut for TNA Impact Wrestling at tapings

Former WWE stars debut for TNA Impact Wrestling
Former WWE stars debut for TNA Impact Wrestling
Photo from TNA twitter

The news from TNA Impact Wrestling was that the company was completely rebooting everything to try to earn back a lot of the audience they had lost over the years. The rebooting process started at the New York television taping where TNA hoped to impress fans as well as their own television network. Here is a look at the changes that TNA Impact Wrestling is making as well as the former WWE stars that are now with the company.

The first major change that TNA Impact Wrestling made was allowing the fans to vote on whether they wanted the company to use a standard four-sided or the original six-sided ring that the company used to use. Despite wrestlers like Austin Aries begging fans not to vote for the six-sided ring for safety concerns, the six-sided ring overwhelmingly won the voting and made its return at the New York taping.

The second big change was having Kurt Angle, arguably the biggest name star in the company. Angle has been both a WWE world and TNA world champion, but he is injured right now with a torn MCL. He won’t be able to return to the ring to wrestle until around October and his TNA Impact Wrestling contract ends before that. This is a great way to use his name and likeness despite him not being able to wrestle.

The third big change was having almost every title change hands over a two week period of time, heading into the New York taping. The new champions are former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley as the world champion, Austin Aries as the X-Division champion and Gail Kim as the Knockouts champion. The only title that didn’t change hands was the tag team titles, which are held by Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, The Wolves.

However, that title is in danger as well as the next change was having Jeff Hardy dump his Willow gimmick and return as himself to battle Lashley for the TNA Impact Wrestling world title. Despite losing that match, he reunited with his brother Matt Hardy, re-forming the Hardy Boyz tag team that enjoyed great success in the WWE. They immediately challenged The Wolves for a title match at “Destination X” and the challenge was accepted. Devon Dudley also made his return, reuniting with Bully Ray.

Also making his return to TNA Impact Wrestling is Bellator fighter King Mo, who aligned himself with Dixie Carter. There is likely to be a battle with MVP’s men, which includes Lashley. The two MMA fighters might face off but there is still the fact that Rampage Jackson is also under contract and could return at any time. Also making their TNA debut as part of Team Dixie is former WWE stars Gene Snitsky, Ezekial Jackson and Rhino.

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