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WWE news: Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler confirms her pregnancy

WWE Stacy Keibler announces pregnancy
WWE Stacy Keibler announces pregnancy

When former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler got married earlier this year, the rumors began to swirl that she was pregnant. In an interview with People on March 24, Keibler finally admitted that she was pregnant.

Humorously, Keibler then announced it to her fans with a Twitter message that said "look what we've for cooking" and then linked to an Instagram photo of an actual bun sitting in the oven.

Up until last year, Keibler was dating the much older George Clooney, and while the two seemed very happy to most outside observers, they had one major problem that doomed their relationship from the start. Clooney loves the life of the bachelor and has said that a family is not in his future plans. Keibler, 34, has said that she wants a family.

With her new husband Jared Pobre, the 39-year-old CEO of Future Ads, she has found what she was dreaming of. The two married and now they have a baby coming, giving the former WWE superstar the future that she hoped for.

Keibler was a large part of the professional wrestling business for many years, starting in the WCW before becoming one of the WWE's most popular Divas. While not technically a wrestler, she served mostly as a manager and valet at ringside, although she could impress in teh ring thanks to her long legs and athletic abilities.

Since leaving the WWE, Stacy Keibler has kept active in the entertainment industry, including a successful stint on "Dancing with the Stars." WWE rumors indicated that Stephanie McMahon spoke to Keibler about accepting an induction to the WWE Hall of Fame this year as well as a backstage role at "Wrestlemania 30," but Keibler rejected the offer.

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