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WWE news: ESPN to run a ‘E:60’ special on WWE Performance Center

WWE Performance Center on ESPN
WWE Performance Center on ESPN

ESPN showed up at the WWE Performance Center to shoot footage for an upcoming episode of their “E:60” television show. According to Wrestle View on Feb. 17, the episode of the show will air around the same time as “Wrestlemania 30.”

This is not the first time that ESPN’s “E:60” tackled an issue in professional wrestling. Back in 2011, ESPN profiled Scott Hall, the former Razor Ramon, about his life and his struggles with alcohol and drug abuse. At the time, it also focused on his reconciliation with his son Cody.

After that episode, Hall relapsed and lost contact with his won again, but has recently cleaned himself up again and is working to help his son break into the business of professional wrestling.

That is the key theme for this new episode of “E:60,” which will focus on the WWE Performance Center where a lot of young wrestlers are trying to break into the business. The developmental system has brought men like Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Cesaro to the WWE main roster and the WWE Performance Center will hopefully provide the stars of the future.

The WWE Performance Center in Orlando saw ESPN bring in their cameras to shoot a lot to air on their program, which is predicted to air in with late March or early April.