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WWE news: Dudley Boyz possibly returning to the WWE

WWE news: Dudley Boyz possibly returning to the WWE
WWE news: Dudley Boyz possibly returning to the WWE
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While Bully Ray has been one of the most important leaders in the TNA Impact Wrestling locker room for the past few years, it appears that his time with the company has come to an abrupt end. According to PWS on Sunday, Bully Ray had a meeting with talent at a house show tonight to tell everyone goodbye. Bully Ray’s contract expired and he never came to a new deal with the company.

This is a huge blow to TNA Impact Wrestling as they are still without a television deal, which expires around October. With no deal to remain on TV, losing the man who has helped book the recent string of above average television shows that has the company exciting again is a monstrous blow. There is also the fact that there is a series of matches that TNA is in the middle of between Team 3D, the Hardy Boyz and the American Wolves. There is still one match left remaining in that best of series.

With Davey Richards suffering a broken leg last week and Bully Ray leaving the company, the promised series will never conclude now. There is also the fact that Bully Ray and Devon are supposed to enter the TNA Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame in October, something that might not happen now. There is a good chance that the company won’t even have a television show by the time October rolls around anyway.

As for Bully Ray, he rose in TNA Impact Wrestling to become one of the best heels in the game. By the time he finished, he worked as a face and put Dixie Carter through a table to end the evil boss storyline on a hugely popular note. With his popularity, there is always a chance the WWE might look to bring back the Dudley Boyz for one more run. In a depleted tag team scene, the Dudley Boyz would be instant stars. Bully Ray has also proven to be a quality singles star as well, so a WWE run there might be possible as well.