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WWE news: Dolph Ziggler slams company for editing out crowd chants

WWE: Dolph Ziggler speaks out against WWE
WWE: Dolph Ziggler speaks out against WWE

WWE star Dolph Ziggler has already seen his once promising push killed and he was just handed to Batista to destroy on "WWE Smackdown," That will make his latest comments seem not very smart because PWInsider reported on March 1 that Ziggler ripped the WWE for editing out crowd chants.

On "WWE Smackdown," Ziggler came down to the ring to confront Batista, who had just ripped into the fans for not cheering him. Batista also asked where all the real men in the WWE went to, which brought out Ziggler to issue a challenge.

According to Ziggler, when he confronted Batista there was a loud "We want Ziggler" chant, and the spoilers for this week's show claimed as much. However, when watching the actual "WWE Smackdown" show, the chants were not there. It was obvious that the WWE edited the chants out of the show for some reason.

With the WWE trying to crack down on fans voicing their opinions at events, a pre-taped show like "WWE Smackdown" makes that easy. At this week's "WWE Monday Night Raw," a number of signs were taken away from fans and many were kicked out of the show when the WWE felt they were being "disruptive."

With Dolph Ziggler already seemingly punished by being pushed down the card and not featured on TV as much, it seems unwise of him to voice an opinion on a topic that is so controversial right now. But, that is how Ziggler has always carried himself in the WWE.