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WWE news: Dolph Ziggler injured at 'WWE Superstars' taping

WWE: Dolph Ziggler injury - another concussion
WWE: Dolph Ziggler injury - another concussion

Another Dolph Ziggler injury has taken the popular WWE superstar out of action as he suffered his second concussion within the last year. According to on Jan. 7, this recent concussion occurred last night during a "WWE Superstars" television taping.

Ziggler will have to stay out of action until he passes the WWE concussion tests, and since this is his second concussion in a short time, they might be a little more stringent in letting him return. Christian is still out of action after suffering a concussion at the end of 2014.

The first concussion Ziggler suffered came when he finally got a chance to run with the world championship. He won the title from Alberto Del Rio after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. He was supposed to defend the title at "Wrestlemania 29" but then Jack Swagger legitimately kicked him in the head, concussing him.

Ziggler said he lost all memories of almost two full days following the kick to the head.

He missed almost a month and then soon lost his world title back to Del Rio. Since that time, Ziggler has been stuck in the mid card, unable to get any momentum going.

This latest concussion came as the WWE was taping their Internet show "WWE Superstars" at this week's "WWE Monday Night Raw" taping. Ziggler was wrestling Ryback and suffered the concussion in that match. This isn't the first time that Ryback has caused an injury to another wrestler, and this one might keep Ziggler out of action for an extended period of time.

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