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WWE news: Diva Emma fired from the WWE after shoplifting arrest

WWE fires Emma after shoplifting arrest
WWE fires Emma after shoplifting arrest
Photo from WWE Twitter

Two days after she was arrested for shoplifting from a Walmart, the WWE fired Diva Emma from the company. This came as no surprise as the WWE has been cutting costs lately, and have released a number of wrestlers for underperforming. With the arrest hitting the new big time, including TMZ picking up the story, PWS reported on Wednesday that they released Emma from her contract.

UPDATE: The WWE has backed out of the release of Emma. According to PWInsider on Wednesday afternoon, the WWE has reinstated Emma. She will receive punishment for her actions, but is back on with the WWE.

Emma, an Australian wrestler who came up with the WWE through their NXT developmental program, was arrested before the “WWE Monday Night Raw” television show in Connecticut on Monday. She immediately went to court on Tuesday and was assigned community service and an online program, after which all charges will be dropped. However, the bad publicity that went with the incident made it easy for the WWE to fire Emma.

Since coming up to the main WWE roster, Emma was paired up with Santino as a comedy duo and had a short lived feud with Fandango and Summer Rae. Since that feud ended, Emma has done almost nothing on the WWE main shows and fought here and there on the NXT programs. That made her expendable. Other wrestlers with more time under their belt like Brodus Clay, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal were all released recently.

Emma brought little to the table as a major star and likely won’t be missed by casual wrestling fans. Aksana, a Diva who had been around much longer than Emma and who had been on TV more recently, was released last month because there was nothing for her with WWE creative. She was liked by some backstage, but was still a budget cut. With the shoplifting charges, even if they are dropped over time, Emma was expendable. The WWE wished her the best with her future endeavors after letting her go.