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WWE news: DirecTV and DISH drop WWE pay per views

WWE news: DirecTV and DISH drop WWE pay per views
WWE news: DirecTV and DISH drop WWE pay per views
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After the WWE started the WWE Network, cable providers such as DISH and DirectTV expressed their displeasure with the fact that pay-per-views were included. The WWE has since changed the names of pay-per-views to “special events” and that seemed to be the last straw. PWS reported on Tuesday the WWE news that DirectTV and DISH Network have both dropped all WWE pay-per-views going forward.

According to the site, when some fans contacted the cable providers, they were simply told that they can add or drop any programming they wish to drop. It seems strange since they were still in line to make money off the WWE events. However, they chose to completely eliminate the programming rather than share the profits with the WWE Network.

The WWE Network costs $9.95 a month and includes all WWE special events for that price. The monthly cost of a pay-per-view on DirectTV or DISH Network was usually $40 or more. Despite the price difference, over 400,000 people still purchased “Wrestlemania 30” on pay-per-view.

According to a press release sent out by the WWE today, a record one million households watched “Wrestlemania 30” this year. There are just over 667,000 subscribers to the WWE Network. That means that no less than 333,000 people ordered the pay-per-view events. Tim Warner Cable still offers the WWE special events, but those who subscribe to the other cable providers might need to consider alternatives.

One alternative, of course, is to cancel subscriptions to DirecTV and the DISH Network and switch over to a cable provider. Another option, which the WWE has been suggesting to their fans, is to either order the WWE Network or continue to call their local cable providers. The stock dropped when the WWE Network subscriber numbers were released as the company wants to reach one million subscribers by the end of the year. The DirectTV and DISH Network decisions may finally help them reach that goal.