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WWE news: Dean Ambrose talks working with Roddy Piper and Jake Roberts

WWE Dean Ambrose talks Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts
WWE Dean Ambrose talks Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts

When people describe the WWE persona of The Shield's Dean Ambrose, two names that come up in comparisons are Rowdy Roddy Piper and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Ambrose got a chance to work with both of those men at the old school "WWE Monday Night Raw" episode and reported on March 24 that Ambrose talked about working with Piper and Roberts at that big event.

The biggest similarities between Ambrose and those two WWE legends is his unpredictable behavior and solid, antagonistic mic skills. That made the chance to match up with Piper on a live Piper's Pit episode a perfect opportunity for the young star.

Ambrose said that Piper was two generations before him, so the chance of working with one of the best bad guys in the business was not likely. That meant that when he got the chance, it was like he was on a thrill ride that went so fast it was hard to appreciate it.

Ambrose also said that it was great to see Piper work on the segment because Piper is used to saying whatever he wanted, so that was a nice process to watch and study for his own purposes. He also said it was like he was going up against the best pitcher in baseball because Piper is the best in the business on the mic.

Then, the big moment came when Jake "The Snake" Roberts came out and Dean Ambrose ended up with Damien crawling over him. The big talking point after the event was that Ambrose was smiling the entire time the snake was on him.

According to the WWE star, he was smiling and was tying not to laugh because the fact he was working with Roberts was like he was on a wacky trip on cough medicine.

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