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WWE news: Daniel Bryan talks about his injury and return time

WWE news: Daniel Bryan talks about his injury and return time
WWE news: Daniel Bryan talks about his injury and return time
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

There have been a lot of WWE rumors about the injury that Daniel Bryan is facing. He already had one surgery on his neck and returned to let the fans know his arm strength was not improving and another surgery might be needed. There have been rumors that he needed another neck surgery or maybe a shoulder surgery and last week it was reported that he needed Tommy John surgery. According to an interview with the Miami Herald on Saturday, Daniel Bryan said there is no decision yet on his surgery or news on his WWE return.

It is nice to finally hear something straight from Bryan’s mouth instead of relying on nameless sources when it comes to injury news. According to Bryan, he has no timetable for his return. He said that it was supposed to be three months and then things went wrong and it was another three. He mentioned that another surgery could put him out for another three months.

Bryan said there is no telling how long he will be out, which means he has no idea who he could be working with when he returns. The WWE is quickly moving on without him and Roman Reigns is next in line for the WWE title, while Brock Lesnar is the new dominant WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Things look very different than they did when Bryan was the champion and he might have seen times pass him by.

As for the new look of the WWE, Daniel Bryan said he sees big things ahead. He pointed out four men in NXT that will make the future of the WWE bright. He said that Kenta, Sami Zayn, Kevin Steen and Prince Devitt will all be huge additions. He added that they will also make everyone they wrestle better as well and that the future is bright.