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WWE news: Daniel Bryan surgery a complete success

Daniel Bryan surgery
Daniel Bryan surgery
Photo from WWE Twitter reported on Thursday that the Daniel Bryan surgery took place earlier in the day and that it was successful. According to the site, world-renowned neurosurgeon and sports medicine expert Dr. Joseph Maroon performed the Daniel Bryan surgery and things went well. Bryan has already regained strength in his hands.

The injury, which was a mystery originally over when it happened, turned out to be a lingering issue. It was WWE doctor Chris Amann who diagnosed the problem as nerve damage. The exact procedure that Bryan underwent was known as a cervical foraminotomy to decompress the nerve root. The timetable for his return is still up in the air but Bryan is out of surgery and is doing well.

A cervical foraminotomy is a procedure that widens the area where spinal nerve toots exit the spinal column. Wear and tear on the neck can cause the spinal disc to eventually start to collapse. This squeezes the nerve and can cause bone spurs and degenerative changes. This surgery will take the pressure off the nerve root.

The recovery time for this varies. Most of the time, the patient is out of the hospital within one day with a neck brace. Therapy sessions usually last about two to four weeks and full recovery comes within two to three months. This fits in perfectly with the six to eight weeks that the original diagnosis called for.

In Bryan’s “WWE Monday Night Raw” interview, he stated that his style of wrestling leads to problems. With the amount of dives outside of the ring, as well as the diving headbutt move that he utilizes, Bryan might need to change his style and eliminate some of the riskier moves in his matches. However, the important thing to note is that the Daniel Bryan surgery was successful and he should make a complete recovery.