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WWE news: Daniel Bryan needs Tommy John Surgery

According to an Aug. 20 report from Wrestling Inc., former WWE Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, may require Tommy John Surgery, which would push his return date back to 2015. Bryan, 33, has been battling injuries through most of the year, including a neck injury that required surgery. His latest setback will mostly likely keep him sidelined until the new year.

WWE star Daniel Bryan may require Tommy John surgery
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

At present time, the plan is for Bryan to return to action at next year's Royal Rumble pay-per-view spectacular. However, his return date could change depending on how quickly he heals. 2014 has been an absolute rollercoaster ride for Bryan, as he shocked the world by becoming the WWE Heavyweight Champion with a victory at Wrestlemania 30. Bryan's underdog role captivated the nation, as he became popular even outside the realm of pro wrestling.

Bryan was previously considered too be too small to be a viable title contender, let alone the WWE Heavyweight Champion. Bryan enjoyed a short reign as champion, before having the title stripped from him for being unable to compete. Bryan told WWE Universe during a recent episode of WWE Monday Night Raw that he would be sidelined for an extended period of time due to a neck injury.

The original thought was that Bryan would need just six weeks of recovery time. Unfortunately for him and WWE fans across the globe, his neck surgery didn't go according to plan. He revealed shortly after undergoing the surgery that he had a double crush, which resulted in limited strength in one of his arms.

Bryan received surgery for compression in his ulnar nerve in two spots, as doctors cleared out bone spurs in his spinal cord. What doctors didn't realize was that he had what was described as a double crush, including compression that extended down to the elbow. Bryan was informed that a second neck surgery was required to correct his injuries.

Just when it looked like Bryan would be getting back to action, it was revealed that he might need Tommy John Surgery. Adding salt to the wounds, Bryan's home was recently robbed. Things can only get better for Bryan, one of the most popular babyface characters in the WWE. Fans can look forward to his return in early-2015.

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