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WWE news: Daniel Bryan may need additional neck surgery

According to a July 25 report from Cageside Seats, WWE superstar Daniel Bryan broke the shocking news that he might need additional surgery on his neck, during a press conference to discuss details of the recent burglary of his home. Bryan, 33, appeared at a press conference to talk about how he put the man who burglarized his home into a rear-naked choke to subdue him until police arrived. He wasn't expected to discuss the status of his WWE career, but Bryan opened up about some big news regarding his health.

WWE star Daniel Bryan may need additional neck surgery
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Bryan started talking about his neck because he said the day his house was robbed was a true rollercoaster ride, filled with many ups and downs. He opened the day at San Diego Comic Con, on a panel with Sting, Hulk Hogan and Paul Heyman. Unfortunately, Bryan's day went downhill in a hurry, as the WWE's medical staff told him that he might need additional surgery on his neck. Later that day, Bryan came home to find his Arizona residence had been robbed.

As for Bryan's surgery, no word yet on when it will take place. He announced during the presser that he has compression of the ulnar nerve in two spots. Doctors went in an removed bone spurs from Bryan's spinal cord during his initial neck surgery, but the medical staffers didn't realize that there was what he described as a "double crush" in his system. Bryan described the problem as a compression that involves his elbow, something that wasn't expected when he originally headed into surgery.

Bryan admits he has half the strength in his right arm as his left arm, so it's not looking like he'll return to the WWE ring any time in the near future. Bryan was initially slated to miss just six weeks, but that quickly turned into six months to a year when it become clear his injury wasn't healing properly. When it was announced that Bryan would be out for a considerable amount of time, the WWE responded by stripping him of the belt.

Against all odds, Bryan won the WWE Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 30. Unfortunately for him, his neck injury cost him a lengthy run as the champ. Bryan is still young enough to make a comeback, so the WWE shouldn't rush him to return to the fold. As long as he heals properly, Bryan should have another five to 10 years of dominance as a WWE performer. All WWE Universe can do right now is sit back and wait to see how his recovery pans out.

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