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WWE news: Daniel Bryan injury worse than expected

WWE news: Daniel Bryan injury
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

When the Daniel Bryan injury was first announced, the WWE made it sound like there was a chance he could return to the ring by the end of June, with “Summerslam” as a worst case scenario. The recent WWE news indicates that the worst case scenario was worse than the WWE thought. According to 411mania on Thursday, Bryan might need shoulder surgery now as well.

Originally, it looked like a neck surgery was all that was needed. The original Daniel Bryan surgery was supposed to relieve tension in his spine, which would help his neck and alleviate the pain. However, once the surgery was completed, Bryan started rehab and realized things were not going well. According to Bryan, his arm was weaker than it was before the surgery and was not improving despite rehab.

When Bryan came back at “WWE Money in the Bank” to talk to the crowd, he let them know that things were not going well. He even mentioned that he was not getting his strength back and would require another surgery. The original WWE rumors were that he was getting another neck surgery and might miss more time, up to six more months. Now, it appears that it is his shoulder that is giving him problems.

According to the reports, there is still damage in Bryan’s shoulder and neck. If this is a similar surgery that was rumored around the “WWE Money in the Bank” announcement, and things actually go well this time, Bryan might have a chance to return around the “Royal Rumble” pay-per-view. That could be a huge return for him, since he missed out on competing in it this year.

Of course, Roman Reigns is the biggest best to win the Royal Rumble match, but Bryan could make a huge return there and set up his storyline heading into “Wrestlemania 31.” Sadly, there is also a chance that he won’t be able to return at that time. Thanks to the questions surrounding the Daniel Bryan injury, the WWE has removed him from all future storylines until his return date is made clear.

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