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WWE news: Daniel Bryan injury may force WWE to strip him of title

Daniel Bryan injury may cost him WWE title
Daniel Bryan injury may cost him WWE title
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

When Daniel Bryan came out on WWE television and announced to the audience that he needed neck surgery, a lot of people questioned whether it was real or a WWE story. Not only was it real, but the recent Daniel Bryan news is that he may miss six to eight weeks following the surgery. According to PWS on Tuesday, the WWE will make a decision by next week’s “WWE Monday Night Raw” about whether or not to strip Bryan of the WWE title or not.

The thought process here is that the WWE wants to wait until after Bryan has his surgery. At that point, they can talk to the doctors and get a clear picture of when they can expect Bryan back in the ring. If the timeframe remains in the six week mark, there is a decent chance that they will let Bryan keep the title. However, if the time back is more like eight weeks or longer, that would affect two straight pay-per-view events and the WWE might have no choice but to put the title on someone else.

Last year, shortly after Dolph Ziggler won the world championship, he suffered a major concussion and missed about six weeks. He was scheduled to face Alberto Del Rio at the next pay-per-view and the WWE let Ziggler keep the title and covered it by booking a number one contender’s match. Things did not go well for Ziggler, as he dropped the title at the next pay-per-view and has dropped to the mid card, losing all the steam he built up.

Bryan shouldn’t have to worry too much about that. The fans have been starting to chill on his since he won the title, and word is that he is better suited as an underdog than as a champion. However, when Bryan came out to explain that he was hurt, the fans seemed to loudly return to supporting him. Now, the WWE will have to decide if Daniel Bryan is still hot enough to carry the title, or if this injury gives them a way to take the title and put it on someone they have more faith in.